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Spot release 2.1 includes comprehensive data collection

by Pieter Werner

The new update for robots Spot, version 2.1, includes capabilities to collect and process vast amounts of data. Agile mobile robots like Spot can collect limitless quantities of site data, turbocharging existing analysis tools and enabling teams to focus on action rather than observation.


In Spot’s first year on the market the developers at Boston Dynamics monitored its use, like the application development workflow of the customers: how they attach sensors, analyze data, and integrate the robot into their existing systems.

Out of the box

Spot Release 2.1 acts on those insights and facilitates attaching sensors, collect and save data, and integrate that data into existing systems. With 2.1 these features make Spot immediately useful out of the box for autonomous data collection missions.


Spot now has the ability to attach metadata to images, associating them with the robot’s location, user-defined labels, or custom values such as GPS coordinates from an attached payload. This enables users to put their data in context, for example: combining site photos from multiple missions into a single view, sorting images by asset-ID, or collecting datasets for computer vision model training. Boston Dynamics worked on using standard data types (JPEG images, JSON and CSV metadata files) to eliminate integration bottlenecks and built a high-performance system for developers to write their own data streams into the robot’s logs.

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