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Strategic technology trends for 2022 and beyond

by Pieter Werner

At the start of the new year we look at some strategic predictions Gartner is making for the future of technology:

Data Fabric

By 2024, data fabric deployments will quadruple efficiency in data utilization while cutting human-driven data management tasks in half

Cybersecurity Mesh

By 2024, organizations adopting a cybersecurity mesh architecture to integrate security tools to work as a cooperative ecosystem will reduce the financial impact of individual security incidents by an average of 90%.

Privacy-Enhancing Computation

By 2025, 60% of large organizations will use one or more privacyenhancing computation techniques in analytics, business intelligence or cloud computing.

Cloud-Native Platforms

By 2025, cloud-native platforms will serve as the foundation for more than 95% of new digital initiatives — up from less than 40% in 2021.

Composable Applications

By 2024, the design mantra for new SaaS and custom applications will be “composable API-first or API-only,” rendering traditional SaaS and custom applications as “legacy.”

Decision Intelligence

By 2023, more than a third of large organizations will have analysts practicing decision intelligence, including decision modeling.


By 2024, diffuse hyperautomation spending will drive up the total cost of ownership 40-fold, making adaptive governance a differentiating factor in corporate performance.

AI Engineering

By 2025, the 10% of enterprises that establish AI engineering best practices will generate at least three times more value from their AI efforts than the 90% of enterprises that do not.

Distributed Enterprise

By 2023, 75% of organizations that exploit distributed enterprise benefits will realize revenue growth 25% faster than competitors

Total Experience

By 2026, 60% of large enterprises will use total experience to transform their business models to achieve world-class customer and employee advocacy levels.

Autonomic Systems

By 2024, 20% of organizations selling autonomic systems or devices will require customers to waive indemnity provisions related to learned behavior of their products.

Generative AI

By 2025, generative AI will account for 10% of all data produced, up from less than 1% today

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