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Tesla Unveils Enhanced Optimus Robot: Gen 2

by Marco van der Hoeven

Tesla has unveiled an updated version of its humanoid robot prototype, Optimus Gen 2. The company released a video showcasing the significant advancements made in the robot’s design and functionality. The highlight of the video was a spectacular display of two Optimus robots dancing, alledgedly non-scripted, to pulsating electronic music, illuminated by a sequence of flashing lights.

The Optimus robot is a key project in Tesla’s ambitious journey into the realm of artificial intelligence. The robot, designed to emulate human behaviors, operates on a sophisticated neural network that has been meticulously trained to execute a variety of basic tasks. The most recent enhancements revealed by Tesla include a considerable reduction in the robot’s weight, now 10kg (22lb) lighter. This update was demonstrated by the robot’s newfound ability to precisely pick up and manipulate an egg, a testament to its enhanced tactile sensitivity across all fingers. This marks a significant improvement from the previous demonstration in September, where the robot was primarily shown sorting building blocks based on color.

Despite these advancements, Optimus is still in the conceptual phase of development. It aims to move beyond its initial debut, which was met with mixed reactions when Tesla personnel had to manually position one of the prototypes. The company envisions Optimus undertaking tasks that are either too hazardous or mundane for human workers, as stated on its official website. This development represents a significant stride in Tesla’s ongoing efforts to revolutionize the field of robotics and artificial intelligence.

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