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Auction of Used Robots

by Pieter Werner

The benefits of industrial robots are increasingly being recognized in small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Ease of use and cost are key factors in the decision-making process. As large automobile manufacturers have been using robots extensively for a long time, there is a regular supply of used machines on the market. The purchase of used robots is an efficient solution not only for SMBs.

According to the International Federation of Robotics (IFR), the use of robots is shifting: previously, large companies, particularly in the automotive sector, were the main users, but now interest is also growing in SMBs. This trend is driven by the need to remain competitive. The advantages of using robots in production include consistent quality with fewer errors and more efficiency, ultimately leading to lower production costs and a smaller carbon footprint. Robots can also help address staff shortages.

The Advantages of Used Robots for SMBs

According to the IFR, ease of use and the cost of the robots are particularly decisive for SMBs. In this context, used installations have significant advantages. They are cheaper than new models, making them attractive for smaller budgets. Also, the technology in used robots is usually already proven, tested, and optimized through frequent use. This reduces the risk of compatibility issues and makes integration into existing production lines easier. Another advantage is availability: used robots can often be delivered faster than new ones.

Originally, these robots were primarily used in the automotive industry due to their precision and carrying capacity. However, robots with carrying capacities of 125 kg or more can be used in a wide range of sectors – particularly in material processing and assembly work. For example, they can be used to accurately pick up, move, and position components in various production processes. They are also extremely precise and efficient in welding tasks.

Due to their flexibility and efficiency, these robots are a valuable investment for small and medium-sized businesses looking to automate and optimize their production processes. The purchase of these robots from the automotive industry not only expands existing capabilities but also opens up new possibilities in various industrial applications.


One of the platforms where used industrial robots are offered is Surplex.com. Surplex is a B2B auction house for used machinery in Europe – including industrial robots. Multiple auctions in this category take place monthly. Most of the robots up for auction come from well-known automobile manufacturers, as Surplex offers sellers, regardless of their size, comprehensive services covering the entire sales process. Surplex also offers similar services to buyers, such as support with transport and customs issues.

The first auction of many with industrial robots in 2024 ends on 09-01-2024. The installations from renowned manufacturers FANUC and KUKA come from the production line of a Czech automobile manufacturer. Each articulated arm robot is offered complete with a control cabinet, operation, and cables. The machines can be viewed by appointment in Hodonin (Czech Republic). A special feature of this auction is that there are no minimum prices, allowing SMBs to bid on industrial robots.

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