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UiPath Rolls Out New AI-Powered Automation Capabilities

by Pieter Werner

UiPath, the NYSE-listed enterprise automation software firm, unveiled its newest AI-fueled automation features on June 27, 2023. The new features boost the capability of customers to implement automation solutions at scale, harnessing the power of both Generative AI and Specialized AI.

According to McKinsey’s recent research, current technologies could automate between 60–70% of hours theoretically, up from the previous estimation of 50%. These advancements have been significantly aided by the rise of Generative AI. In this context, UiPath is incorporating Generative AI capabilities into its Business Automation Platform, which includes the full launch of connectors for OpenAI and Azure OpenAI with GPT-4 support.

Aaron Phillips of Reveal Group described how UiPath’s OpenAI connector has been used to extend automation further into business operations, offering practical insights from data. The connector enables them to utilize GPT models to generate customer response drafts and condense extensive documents into key points.

Further strengthening its AI portfolio, UiPath revealed support for Falcon’s Large Language Model via its Amazon SageMaker connector and offered a preview of the Google Vertex connector with support for PaLM 2.

UiPath’s Specialized AI solutions, comprising more than 70 models, help customers to process documents, understand screens, mine tasks, and utilize proprietary data sets in their enterprise workflows. These Specialized AI tools, customized to the customers’ unique needs using their data, offer accurate, swift, and tailored solutions with substantial value outcomes.

The company is enhancing its Specialized AI offerings, refining solutions such as Document Understanding and Communications Mining by integrating GPT-based technologies. The company uses Generative AI technologies to expedite the model training process and improve pre-labeling and classification, reducing deployment time and delivering quicker results.

The company has also announced the preview of Clipboard AI for finance teams, a tool using UiPath AI Computer Vision and Generative AI. Clipboard AI aims to streamline data transfer between documents, spreadsheets, and apps, ensuring correct data placement automatically.

These announcements were made during the TOGETHER London conference, Europe’s most extensive automation and AI event. The conference saw numerous automation professionals discussing the impact of AI-powered automation on various aspects of the enterprise, including cost transformation, growth, and enhancing customer and employee engagement. Several customer companies shared their experiences with AI-powered automation’s contribution to growth and the enhancement of customer and employee experiences.

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