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Ukraine drones able to navigate by sight

by Marco van der Hoeven

Ukraine’s special forces have developed software, named Eagle Eyes, enabling drones to navigate without GPS, reducing the impact of Russian jamming efforts. According to a report by The Economist, the Eagle Eyes software allows drones to navigate by sight, using AI to compare live video footage with pre-existing maps created from reconnaissance photos and videos.

This technology ensures that drones can continue to operate even if GPS signals are jammed. Furthermore, the software is capable of identifying targets, such as missile launchers and tanks, and can autonomously execute attacks without requiring direct commands from operators.

The primary targets for these drones are Russian jamming stations, followed by Russia’s S-400 air defense systems. The ongoing conflict has seen an unprecedented use of drones, employed by both sides for reconnaissance and combat missions, while each works to disrupt the other’s drone operations through electronic warfare. This has spurred a new arms race as both Ukraine and Russia strive to enhance their drone technology and jamming capabilities.

Throughout the war, Ukraine has relied heavily on civilian-grade drones, which are particularly susceptible to electronic warfare. The development of new, cost-effective software like Eagle Eyes is thus crucial in countering these vulnerabilities and enhancing Ukraine’s drone capabilities.

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