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United Robotics Group showcases care robots for the elderly

by Pieter Werner

The United Robotics Group (URG), a provider of service robots, will be showcasing its products at the ALTENPFLEGE 2024 trade fair in Essen, Germany from April 23 to 25. This event is dedicated to the geriatric care industry, where URG will highlight its range of robotics and artificial intelligence solutions tailored to address challenges such as workforce shortages and demographic changes in healthcare.

URG will display several specialized robots, including Pepper & Robot.Care, Cobiot Plato, and NAO, each serving distinct roles within care facilities. The Pepper robot, integrated with Robot.Care software, is designed to assist and interact with residents in care homes. Plato is engineered for automating routine tasks such as delivering meals and medications, enhancing operational efficiency in hospital settings. NAO is focused on increasing patient engagement and therapy effectiveness in rehabilitation centers.

Additionally, the ROBERT robot from Life Sciences Robotics will be introduced, which is designed to assist in physical rehabilitation by supporting patients in their recovery exercises. This robot also includes features for tracking progress and adjusting rehabilitation programs based on patient performance.

Founded in 2020 by Thomas Hähn, URG combines the expertise of nine robotics companies, employing over 450 people from 28 nations. Based in Bochum, Germany, URG is a subsidiary of RAG-Stiftung Beteiligungsgesellschaft (RSBG SE), with the SoftBank Robotics Group as a minority shareholder. The company aims to utilize robotics to meet challenges across various sectors such as healthcare, hospitality, education, and logistics, with a focus on quality, data protection, and sustainability. Attendees of the ALTENPFLEGE trade fair will have the opportunity to view URG’s robotic solutions during presentations and live demonstrations.

Image credits: United Robotics Group

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