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Universal Robots announces integration with Siemens PLCs

by Marco van der Hoeven

Universal Robots (UR) announced the integration of the Standard Robot Command Interface (SRCI) into its software. This integration allows UR’s cobots to connect with Siemens Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), enhancing their utility in automated production lines.

The SRCI, a novel interface standard designed for the robotics industry, aims to streamline the interaction between PLCs and robots. By adopting SRCI, UR becomes one of the pioneering cobot vendors to implement this technology, ensuring a smoother integration process for users of Siemens PLCs, which are currently the only controllers supporting SRCI.

Daniel Friedman, Global Director of Strategic Partnerships at Universal Robots, emphasized the benefits of this integration, highlighting the potential for faster setup and easier use of cobots in various industrial applications. He stated that this development aligns with UR’s mission to make robotic automation accessible universally.

The integration not only facilitates the deployment of UR cobots within Siemens-based production environments but also standardizes robot commands and data exchanges across different manufacturing systems. This interoperability is expected to reduce the complexity and time required to deploy robotic solutions.

Rolf Heinsohn, Senior Vice President for the Factory Automation Segment Control at Siemens, echoed the sentiment of enhanced accessibility and simplicity in automation. He noted that this collaboration allows Siemens’ customers to integrate UR’s robotic solutions more effectively into their operations, leveraging the simplicity of programming and control offered by the SRCI through Simatic systems.

The SRCI technology is available for Universal Robots’ e-Series, UR20, and UR30 models, and can be accessed via the PolyScope version 5.15 or higher through an add-on software called URcap. This advancement signifies a key step forward in the field of factory automation by promoting ease of use and integration in robotic deployments.

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