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Unitree launches G1 humanoid

by Pieter Werner

Unitree Robotics has introduced the Unitree G1, a new humanoid agent AI avatar. Available from $16,000, the G1 is tailored for both commercial and educational applications. The standard G1 model stands 1270 mm in height, weighs approximately 35 kg including the battery, and is designed with 23 degrees of freedom in its joints.

The educational version, the G1 EDU, increases joint freedom up to 43 with optional enhancements that provide more complex functionalities in the waist and hands. This includes a three-fingered hand capable of precise manipulations, with optional tactile sensors for enhanced sensory input.

Both models include full joint hollow electrical routing, dual joint encoders, and local air cooling systems. They are powered by a 13-string lithium battery which supports about two hours of operation per charge and include depth cameras, 3D LiDAR, WiFi 6, and Bluetooth 5.2 for connectivity.

The mobility range in these robots is extensive; knee joints can flex from 0 to 165 degrees, and the waist z-axis joint rotates up to ±155 degrees. Torque capacities in the knee joints range from 90 N.m in the standard model to 120 N.m in the G1 EDU.

For those interested in further customization, the G1 EDU model is capable of secondary development and can be equipped with an optional high computing power module such as NVIDIA Jetson Orin, making it suitable for advanced robotics research and application development.

With its release, Unitree aims to facilitate the broader adoption of humanoid robots in various sectors including personal assistance, education, and industrial applications, indicating the beginning of a new era in robotic capabilities.

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