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WFL Millturn Technologies Unveils Mobile Robots at EMO Hannover

by Marco van der Hoeven

This week WFL Millturn Technologies has showcased its latest developments in mobile robot automation and turning-boring-milling machines at EMO in Hannover. The presentations provided insights into the advancements in autonomous manufacturing processes and machine tool technologies, emphasizing practical applications and integrations of mobile robots.

At EMO Hannover, WFL Millturn Technologies introduced the M50 MILLTURN / 3000mm and the M80X MILLTURN / 4500mm, exemplifying enhancements in machine tool technology. These innovations are integrated with the new and modern Sinumerik ONE control system from Siemens. However, it was the exhibition of a mobile robot mounted on an automated guided vehicle (AGV) that drew considerable attention, illustrating the potential developments in manufacturing automation.

Focus on Mobile Robot Automation

The demonstration presented by WFL featured a mobile robot, which operates independently of cables and direct human input, capable of efficiently loading and removing tools and workpieces. This mobile robot, placed on an AGV, utilizes intelligent software and advanced sensors to scan QR codes, accurately determine its position, and execute tasks autonomously.

One of the distinctive attributes of these mobile robots is their ability to navigate around obstacles, highlighting their applicability in dynamic and constantly evolving environments where both humans and other machines are present. The integrated sensors ensure the robots’ safe and efficient movement and interaction within different operational scenarios.

In collaboration with WFL, FRAI displayed its mobile robot system at the event, a response to the growing trend of incorporating automated solutions in manufacturing settings. This approach allows for versatile adaptation to the evolving needs of the industry, offering a glimpse into the future trajectory of manufacturing processes.

Live Demonstrations and Enhanced Machine Tools

Visitors at the event were able to witness live demonstrations of the new machines, experiencing firsthand the machining and measurement capabilities of gear shafts and other components. The integration of the Sinumerik ONE system presents a user-friendly interface and faster PLC cycle times, contributing to the optimization of machining speed, contour accuracy, and overall machining quality.

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