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Yaskawa Robot with AI Runs on Wind River Linux

by Pieter Werner

Yaskawa Electric Corporation will use Wind River Linux in the development of its new industrial robot, MOTOMAN NEXT. This robot is designed to be autonomous and adaptable to its environment, utilizing advanced AI capabilities to perform complex tasks in unstructured settings. The robot is powered by NVIDIA Jetson Orin.for its alleged human-like perception and decision-making abilities.

According to Amit Ronen, Chief Customer Officer at Wind River, the collaboration with Yaskawa and NVIDIA is focused on accelerating innovation in machine learning and AI to create more intelligent systems. The robot is capable of autonomously making decisions based on changes in its environment and can execute tasks that traditionally required human intervention, such as navigating around obstacles and sorting objects of different colors and shapes.

The use of NVIDIA Jetson provides MOTOMAN NEXT with a platform that supports scalable software, a modern AI stack, and production-ready ROS packages, which are essential for developing advanced AI applications at the edge. This technology integration between Wind River Linux and NVIDIA Jetson facilitates the creation of software-defined autonomous machines and edge AI solutions.

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