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2021 in 10 interviews

Human and robot

by Marco van der Hoeven

The vision of Rocking Robots is to report on the interaction between humans and robots. The interviews we published this year show that we as humans are increasingly successful in making robots work for us. However, it remains important to pay attention to pre-eminently human issues such as ethics, acceptance and safety. Where that happens, applications of technology arise that actually help us as humans.

Odile Schmutz (Randstad): “RPA is the revolution of 2020”

‘CIO’s, don’t fall behind and let’s get RPA up and running’

‘Automation requires human-centric IT’

Pascal Bornet : “IA can help us move from a work-focused culture to a culture focused on humanity and values”

UK SMEs should be benefiting from RPA as much as enterprises, says South Coast-based automation start-up

People, the CFO and the challenges of Intelligent Automation

‘HR, take the lead role -technology can do the administration’

Interview John Kucera: Why Salesforce is selling its own RPA

Citizen developers stimulate innovation

Video: RPA and AI, the inevitable next step


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