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2022 in interviews

The year in robotics, AI and RPA

by Marco van der Hoeven

The vision of Rocking Robots is to report on the interaction between humans and robots. The interviews we published this year show that we as humans are increasingly successful in making robots work for us. However, it remains important to pay attention to pre-eminently human issues such as ethics, acceptance and safety. Where that happens, applications of technology arise that actually help us as humans.

The automation lessons of a former US government CFO

Interview: ‘RPA adds value to finance’

Manutan modernises Finance Department with RPA

‘The best optimisation ideas come from the machine operators’

Gartner: ‘Invest aggressively in AI augmentation’

IDC’s Angela Salmeron: ‘People are the future of work, give them a sense of purpose’

Unilever CFO: Any process flow that can be incorporated into an algorithm should be automated

The future of automation: cloud robots, AI and machine learning

Automation and the CFO: Appetite for change

Business use of holograms is on the brink of breakthrough

‘Successful automation requires a balanced approach’

‘Automation for Good: now is the time to act’

Annette Maier: ‘We look at a process from its value creation to the end’

Groningen-based document processor Klippa: an international success

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