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Blog Asher Lake: Why you should embark on a Digital Workforce Journey

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According to travel research, most people plan their vacations 4 – 6 months in advance. When I reflect on my own vacation planning, I must say that I fall into this statistic. I feel it gives you just enough time to make travel arrangements, book excursions and get prepared. We recently booked our next vacation to Italy and now we can simply enjoy the daydreams until departure: Who will we meet? What adventures will we have? What type of wines will we try? And my personal favorite, how much gelato will we eat?

What about planning the Journey towards a Digital Workforce? How far in advance should you start planning? What will success look like for a Digital Workforce? And perhaps, most importantly: Why? Why should you embark on a Digital Workforce Journey?

It starts with ‘Why’

According to the World Economic Forum, the future of work is heavily influenced by trends like automation, but also by crises (like the pandemic we are currently experiencing). To stay ahead of the curve, to remain competitive in the market and to attract a new generation of digital natives entering the workforce – organizations must have a culture of people who excel in what they do with and alongside technology.

A Digital Workforce enables people

Needless to say, your people strategy should be shaped around the evolution of work. More data plus increasing complexity in an ever-globalizing world demands a lot from your most valued asset: PEOPLE.

The key question is: how do you upskill your people and equip them with digital means to help them do what they do best? Enabling them to make a difference for your company.

How to organize your journey towards a Digital Workforce?

You know where you are going and you know why. Now, you must start planning the route, the transportation, and with whom you want to end up at your destination.

First, the Route…

Determine your starting point, how you want to scale towards the next level of a digitally enabled and savvy workforce. Begin to imagine how you will enjoy the Digital Workforce at scale.

Second, the Transportation…

You will need support to get there, with the right parties to consult. Parties who are not only certified, but have actual experience in getting organisations from A to B. Strategic Pragmatism, as I like to call it, with a ‘getting things done’ mentality, That’s the key. Next, you need to select a technology stack that matches your organizational architecture and business problem.

Third, the Community…

Community is my answer to the question: With whom? With this new community, governance and a way of working must be established. You must first consider: What will this team look like? Is it a fully trained internal team or an external team that is taking care of everything? My preference and advice would be to organize a hybrid team of internal Digital Workforce creators who are supported by specialized organizations. That way, your internal creators are supported by futurist experts who ensure that innovation constantly flows into your company. Ideally, you should also invite Citizen Developers, IT and Lean or other Process specialists to become part of this community.

By putting all of these elements in place, you will surely enjoy an exciting journey towards your Digital Workforce. And be prepared for a pleasant experience in the Digital Future.

Start planning your journey today!

Asher Lake is the founder of Unlocking Digital

Originally published by Ciphix

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