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Aerobotix to Introduce New Mobile Robot at Westec AeroDef

by Marco van der Hoeven

Aerobotix, a robotics integrator in the aerospace and defense sectors, announced its intention to demonstrate a new mobile robot at the Westec AeroDef Manufacturing Conference. The event is scheduled from Nov. 7-9 in Long Beach, California. This will mark the robot’s debut public demonstration.

The robot, tailored for the aerospace and defense industries, has capabilities such as sanding, painting, and inspection. At the conference, attendees will observe the robot performing automated tasks on aerospace components.

Josh Tuttle, the Business Development Manager of Aerobotix, shared the company’s plans, stating, “We are introducing this mobile robot technology at Westec AeroDef. Mobile robots have applications in general manufacturing and warehousing, but their introduction to the aerospace and defense sectors is recent. These robots align with the ‘factory of the future’ idea, offering potential benefits in terms of labor and cost efficiency, output consistency, and worker safety.”

Aerobotix has previously worked on mobile robots for aerospace and defense applications in collaboration with Compass Technology Group (CTG). Together, they developed a mobile robot for U.S. Air Force maintenance depots. Named the Adaptive Radome Diagnostic System (ARDS), this robot possesses self-navigation features. It uses microwave signals to evaluate aircraft radomes non-destructively, identifying issues such as delamination or water entry. The ARDS was recognized at the 2021 Defense Manufacturing Conference with the Defense Manufacturing Technology Achievement Award.

Tuttle added, “The robot we are showcasing at Westec AeroDef does not have the self-navigation feature like the ARDS. However, based on client requirements, it can be adapted for self-navigation. Mobile robots have the capacity to be configured to suit various needs in different environments.”

Aerobotix has planned hourly demonstrations for those attending the conference. These will be held at the Westec AeroDef booth No. 3003, located on the right-hand side of the AeroDef hall. Attendees also have the option to schedule meetings with company representatives for detailed discussions.

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