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Ambi Robotics automates middle-mile sorting

by Pieter Werner

Ambi Robotics and Pitney Boweshave announced the launch of the AmbiSort B-Series modular parcel induction and sorting solution for middle-mile operations. This comes after the earlier introduction of the AmbiSort A-Series small parcel sortation systems for last-mile operations.

Ambi Robotics specializes in AI-powered robotic sorting solutions, while Pitney Bowes. is a global entity that offers technology, logistics, and financial services in the shipping and mailing domain.

The collaboration is aimed at leveraging emerging technologies and automation to enhance ecommerce and logistics operations. The new B-Series solution has been implemented in Pitney Bowes’ ecommerce hubs throughout the United States. The AI-driven robotics are expected to facilitate faster parcel sortation to middle-mile delivery providers, and in the process, they aim to enhance productivity, accuracy, and ensure the safety of the workers.

Jim Liefer, CEO of Ambi Robotics, highlighted the strategic collaboration between the two firms and recognized Pitney Bowes’ efforts towards innovating in the logistics sector. He mentioned, “This partnership serves as a model of such collaborative innovation and sets a high bar for future supply chain modernization.”

The most recent Pitney Bowes Parcel Shipping Index has reported an exceeding parcel volume of 161 billion annual parcels worldwide. Given such high numbers, logistics and delivery organizations are actively searching for automated solutions that can be efficiently scaled to cater to their specific requirements.

Stephanie Cannon, SVP of Operations Excellence and Collaborative Innovation at Pitney Bowes, noted the importance of rapid technological solutions in today’s ecommerce landscape. She credited their partnership with Ambi Robotics for swiftly scaling a sortation system that not only addresses a specific requirement but also augments the capacity for their clients.

The AmbiSort B-Series aims to revolutionize sorting processes by reducing operational costs. It efficiently sorts parcels into gaylord destinations, mitigating the challenges of labor-intensive manual sorting in fast-paced supply chain settings. The solution is designed to be adaptable, catering to different operational scenarios such as reverse logistics, interfacility sortation, sort-to-carrier, zone-skipping, and automated parcel induction.

Ryan Hannon, VP of Industrial Engineering and Collaborative Innovation at Pitney Bowes, emphasized their perspective on automation. He mentioned that automation should cater to tasks that humans might not prefer, paving the way for more sustainable career opportunities and creating roles like robot operator and super robot operator.


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