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Artificial Intelligence In Healthcare Market worth USD 201.3 Billion by 2030

by Pieter Werner

The Global Artificial Intelligence In Healthcare Market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 45.5% from 2023 to 2030, according to a new report published by Verified Market Research. The report reveals that the market was valued at USD 6.48 Billion in 2021 and is expected to reach USD 201.3 Billion by the end of the forecast period.

The global Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Market is on the brink of transformative growth, according to the latest market research report. Artificial Intelligence (AI), a cutting-edge scientific and engineering discipline, is revolutionizing the healthcare industry by integrating intelligent machines and computer programs capable of human-like reasoning, learning, and problem-solving.

The market, defined by its diverse applications in various fields such as biology, computer science, mathematics, linguistics, psychology, and engineering, is witnessing unprecedented advancements and collaborations, driving its expansion.

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Market Definition:

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare refers to the integration of intelligent systems applying human intelligence-based functions, including reasoning, learning, and problem-solving, in the healthcare sector. This integration has led to groundbreaking research, particularly in understanding the relationship between treatment techniques and patient outcomes.

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Market Drivers:

The market’s growth is propelled by several key factors:

  • Explosive Healthcare Data Growth: The increasing volume and complexity of healthcare data are necessitating AI integration, driving market demand.
  • Cost Containment Urgency: The urgent need to curb soaring healthcare costs is fueling the adoption of AI solutions for efficient healthcare delivery.
  • Technological Advancements: Enhanced computing power and declining hardware costs are empowering the development of sophisticated AI systems.
  • Industry Collaborations: Cross-industry partnerships are fostering innovation, leading to the creation of advanced AI-based healthcare solutions.
  • Healthcare Workforce Discrepancy: The rising imbalance between healthcare workforce and patients is accelerating the need for improved healthcare services.

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Market Outlook:

Despite challenges related to limited acceptance among healthcare professionals and regulatory uncertainties, the market is poised for significant growth. Ongoing research and development efforts, coupled with the rapid adoption of AI technology by pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies for COVID-19 vaccine and drug development, are expected to drive market expansion. The market’s future trajectory appears promising, with innovative applications of AI anticipated to redefine healthcare standards globally.

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Market Key Players:

North America, particularly the United States, stands as a pivotal region in the Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Market. Key players shaping the market include industry giants such as Nvidia, Intel, IBM, Google, General Electric (GE) Company, Microsoft Corporation, Siemens Healthineers, Medtronic, Micron Technology, and Amazon Web Services. These multinational corporations are driving innovation and setting industry benchmarks, contributing significantly to the market’s evolution.

The global Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Market is at the forefront of innovation, with AI technology reshaping the healthcare landscape. As the industry continues to overcome challenges and embrace advancements, stakeholders can anticipate a future defined by intelligent, efficient, and patient-centered healthcare solutions.


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