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Ambi Robotics introduces ‘simulation-to-reality artificial intelligence’

by Pieter Werner

Ambi Robotics, formerly Ambidextrous Laboratories., introduces AmbiOS, an advanced robot operating system based on simulation-to-reality artificial intelligence (AI). AmbiOS rapidly trains robots before deployment to pick and pack items for fast and affordable integration. The technology powers the company’s two flagship products, AmbiSort and AmbiKit.

A $6.1 million seed funding, led by Bow Capital, Vertex Ventures and The House Fund, supports efforts to deploy more AI-powered robotic systems across Ambi Robotics’ U.S. customer base as e-commerce and shipping demand continues to surge.

Operating costs

Ambi Robotics aims to increase accuracy and efficiency while reducing operating costs up to 40 percent. AmbiSort AI-powered parcel sortation systems increase traceability for shippers with precise data tracking and can handle a wide range of rigid and deformable items to ensure timely delivery for the end-customer. AmbiKit autonomous piece-picking systems create unique e-commerce kits to reduce the cost of fulfillment and eliminate downtime associated with kitting line changeover for manual operations. Ambi Robotics systems can operate 24/7 and can scale to meet surging e-commerce demand.

AmbiOS leverages The Dexterity Network (Dex-Net) AI technology to amplify the capabilities of the operating system for parcel sortation and e-commerce kitting. AmbiOS trains robots in simulation and transfers its deep neural network advancements to physical world systems through high-dexterity robotic hardware, proprietary gripper technology and state-of-the-art vision systems.

Deep learning

“Using our unique approach to deep learning AI based on simulation-to-reality transfer, AmbiOS quickly configures our systems for a variety of sensors, robots and package categories,” says Ken Goldberg, co-founder of Ambi Robotics. “Our AmbiSort robot and gantry system reliably achieves superhuman sorting – allowing human workers to sort hundreds of thousands of commercial packages at twice the speed of manual picking.”

“To meet the demand of the staggering growth of online deliveries during COVID-19, our robots work alongside warehouse employees to offset their workload, reduce injuries and improve accuracy, efficiency and throughput,” says Jeff Mahler, co-founder of Ambi Robotics. “Our AI-powered robotic systems are designed for human operation and empower workers to perform at their best, leveraging our simulation-to-reality technology to pick and sort items while workers complete pack-out and handle exceptions.”

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