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Automated Truck on Public Roads in Germany

by Marco van der Hoeven

IVECO S-Way truck equipped with the PlusDrive enhanced driver-assist solution based on its open autonomy platform, has started operating on public roads in Germany. This milestone follows a testing and validation process including closed-course testing, validation of previously collected public road data and in-depth training for the test drivers on the advanced safety features of the truck.

In addition, TÜV SÜD tested the functional safety of the safety concept for public road testing. The collection of expansive real-world data during this important phase of public road testing will prepare the driver-in automated truck for future industrialization.

Equipped with AI-based autonomous driving software and sensors including lidars, radars, and cameras, PlusDrive provides drivers with awareness of the vehicle’s surroundings. Public road testing will continue in Germany over the next several months and expand to Austria, France, Italy, and Switzerland so that real-world data can be collected from the diverse roadways and driving conditions across the region. The testing will also try to demonstrate that PlusDrive can safely and automatically handle driver-supervised maneuvers, including lane centering, cut-ins, lane merges, driver initiated or system suggested lane changes, traffic jam assist, and nudging.

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