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Dexory lauches AI logistics engine

by Pieter Werner

Dexory has announced the launch of DexoryView, a new AI-powered logistics engine designed to enhance the efficiency of warehouse operations. This technology is used in warehouses manage their operations, focusing on optimizing operational efficiency, inventory management, and overall responsiveness.

DexoryView operates as a multi-site, digital twin platform, utilizing autonomous robots to collect and process millions of data points from warehouse environments every day. This advanced system provides real-time insights and predictive analytics, enabling warehouse operators to make faster, more informed decisions. The technology integrates a range of capabilities including computer vision, machine learning, natural language processing, and large language models, which collectively aim to improve various aspects of warehouse operations including space utilization, inventory handling, and machinery usage.

The platform is designed to address several key areas in warehouse operations. Firstly, it aims to enhance warehouse performance by improving methods such as stock consolidation and space optimization, which are expected to contribute to both revenue enhancement and cost reduction. The technology also enables rapid inventory auditing, which could result in significant time savings. Secondly, DexoryView is equipped to detect and respond to issues like stock damage or infrastructure problems, using advanced image analysis and machine learning models, thereby enhancing compliance and safety in warehouse settings. Lastly, the platform includes environmental monitoring capabilities, using various sensors to ensure that goods are stored under optimal conditions, monitoring factors such as temperature and humidity.

This launch comes at a time the logistics industry is grappling with the need for more resilient supply chains in the face of global challenges such as the pandemic and geopolitical shifts. Traditional warehouse management systems, often limited by their data handling capabilities, have led to what Gartner describes as a “Visibility Gap” due to reliance on outdated or incomplete data. This gap has significant implications, with the IHL Group estimating a global cost of $1.77 trillion due to stock mismanagement.

DexoryView seeks to close this gap by providing real-time, actionable insights. The platform’s ability to scan extensive warehouse areas quickly and provide accurate, instant information is poised to transform how logistics teams make operational decisions, extending beyond inventory management. Andrei Danescu, CEO and Co-founder of Dexory, highlights the industry’s shift towards leveraging real-time data for improved operational efficiency and productivity, positioning Dexory as a leader in driving this transformation in the logistics sector.

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