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Expansion of European Droneport Network with two new locations – one based in Odense

by Marco van der Hoeven

The drone company Dronamics has contracted a new partnership with UAS Denmark Test Center hosted at Odense’s Hans Christian Andersen Airport. The airport will host the Dronamics Black Swan cargo aircraft, which will enable same-day delivery service and provide access to more than 6 million people within a 1-hour drive of the airport. The expansion sees the Dronamics European Droneport network grow to a total of 42 locations in 14 European countries.

Dronamics is a fast-growing cargo drone company on a mission to enable same day delivery for everyone, everywhere. Its proprietary Black Swan aircraft is specifically built for cargo, carrying 350 kg at a distance of up to 2,500 km, while powered by clean and energy efficient technologies. It can land anywhere, including unpaved strips, opening new trade routes and opportunities for remote communities.

Operating at up to 80% lower cost than any aircraft in existence, the Black Swan enables same-day shipping over very long distances for a variety of industries, from pharma to food, from e-commerce to spare parts.

Dronamics is IATA’s first Strategic Partner for drones worldwide and has been named by the European Commission as a Top 10 EU-Africa startup.

Recently, Dronamics announced Odense as the newest addition to its growing network of droneports:

“We chose Odense due to its favourable location, excellent connectivity to Copenhagen, and proximity to key industry hubs across manufacturing, robotics, and shipbuilding. The innovation-minded local community was also a key factor for us. As a fast-growing cargo drone company that is on a mission to change the mobility of goods, we are looking to establish networks in strategic locations where we can foster new, or little served routes,” says Lulcho Georgiev, Strategic Partnerships Manager in Dronamics.

HCA Airport and UAS Denmark 

UAS Denmark Test Center is one of Northern Europe’s strongest hubs for the test and development of advanced drone technologies. The test center hosts R&D facilities, manufacturing space, and offices as well as a unique Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) air space (BVLOS is a term relating to the operation of UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) and drones at distances outside the normal visible range of the pilot). UAS Denmark Test Center is an unmanned systems technology test and development center in Odense, Denmark, and it is a collaboration between Hans Christian Andersen Airport, Odense Municipality, and the University of Southern Denmark.

At UAS Denmark, the ambition is generally to boost drone potential. The Airport does that by having the best possible conditions for start-ups, companies, and public authorities and not least access to testing, knowledge, competencies, and a milieu of the highest caliber – right in the middle of a European robotics hotspot in Odense.

As one of few airports, HCA Airport offers a large BVLOS airspace over land and sea, available on a 24-hour notice. By having flexible approval procedures, possibility for feedback and advice on regulatory matters, and access to local businesses and academic partners when needed, UAS Denmark and HCA Airport is a perfect spot for new drone companies. In other words: At UAS Denmark, they contribute to realizing the full potential of drone technology for the benefit of society.

Over the years, a large number of companies within the drone sector has moved to Odense, because of the locations’ unique facilities, and Dronamics is one of the latest companies who has been attracted and moved to Odense. Michael Larsen, Head of UAS Denmark Test Center says: “We are very pleased to welcome Dronamics to UAS Denmark Test Center. Dronamics’ vision of enabling same-day shipping over long distances is a perfect match with our ambitions of leading the integration of manned and unmanned air traffic. We are certain that both Dronamics and UAS Denmark Test Center will benefit from Dronamics becoming a part of our growing drone technology cluster in and around Hans Christian Andersen Airport”.

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