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Halodi Robotics signs contract for delivery of 140 Humanoid Robots

Rollout of 140 service robots represents ‘industry’s single biggest contract for humanoid robots’

by Pieter Werner

Halodi Robotics has signed an agreement to provide 140 humanoid robots to ADT Commercial, a  U.S.-based provider of commercial security, fire, life safety and risk consulting services. This announcement is the result of the strategic partnership announced in April 2021 where Halodi Robotics secured an investment from ADT Commercial to develop a robot to complement their physical security solutions.

Halodi Robotics believes that robots make workplaces better by performing tasks that are dirty, dangerous, and dull so that employees can prioritize functions where they create greater value. Halodi Robotics’ humanoid robot platform performs pre-programmed services using artificial intelligence (AI). By observing and reporting on potential problems, and streamlining and standardizing tasks, the robot is able to support and expand the capabilities of a human team that may be stretched thin.

Service robots designed and built by Halodi Robotics are programmed well beyond the patrol functions of a basic security robot. If a robot on patrol identifies an anomaly, a security operator can don a virtual reality (VR) headset to respond through the robot’s eyes, ears, and body to open doors, provide access control, and pick up objects or even people — safely and efficiently.

“To our knowledge, this is the single biggest contract ever for humanoid robots,” said Bernt Øivind Børnich, founder and CEO of Halodi Robotics. “ADT Commercial has been an extremely collaborative partner throughout the development process. We are proud to partner with ADT Commercial and look forward to continuing driving innovation within the physical security market.”

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