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Hyperscience and partners bring Human Centered Automation to the Dutch market

by Marco van der Hoeven

Recently, machine learning company Hyperscience began working with partners in the Netherlands. The Hyperscience Platform helps enterprise and public sector organizations automate their data- and document-heavy processes, resulting in greater efficiencies, lower costs , fewer errors and better customer and employee experiences. Rocking Robots talked about this strategy with the EMEA General Manager at Hyperscience, Nay Odutola.

“Businesses have had to dramatically accelerate their digital automation processes or their digital transformation agendas since the pandemic,” Odutola says. “Being in a very digitized era, the biggest impact that businesses can have is  around customer experience. In order to elevate customer experience, businesses need to manage and streamline their internal processes to ensure that the end user is receiving great service.”

“Whether we’re looking at financial services, insurance, or even government, one key challenge is that traditionally things are done either in a very manual process or with outdated, legacy technology that can’t handle variable volumes, changing market or customer demands, or easily adapt to changing business processes. There is a gap currently in terms of time to value and time to satisfaction.”


He continues: “If you place an online order today for a small amount of goods, you will have it delivered in three hours. That’s the level of service people expect today. And that’s one of the biggest challenges I hear when I’m talking to C-level executives within organizations: how can we improve our customer experience? “

This impacts every sector, although in Europe the sector that’s probably a little more behind the curve is the government. “They’re not as digitized, still relying very much on paper, The financial sector wants to improve what they’re doing today, and transportation and logistics is another huge market, especially now with COVID-related surges for shipped goods and supply chain issues.”


“People are buying more online, and we are seeing a lot of interest from large retailers who are getting an influx of digital documents, whereas their processes are typically done manually. Automation can help address that, so that when you return something, you’re not waiting 30 days to get your funds back, but get it processed within two to three days.”

He calls what Hyperscience does a ‘human centered approach to automation.’ “Whether you’re a mortgage broker, an insurance company or a bank, your processes are often still manual today. We use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help automate those processes, and our Machine Learning (ML) augments – but doesn’t replace – humans. Humans are never going to disappear, and human centered automation helps improve the average handling time of a process to help the end customer and also reduce the manual burden on employees.

So maybe today it takes three weeks to process a claim, but with human centered automation we can reduce that to three days. That’s quite an achievement.”

The Netherlands

Hyperscience is now bringing this vision – and its Hyperscience Platform technology – to the Dutch market, alongside partners like Asher Lake’s Unlocking Digital.  “A lot of organizations today are already working with some form of a partner, so we’re excited to work with top tier partners in the region to help these organizations improve their automation approach and initiatives, helping them to get better results.”

He added: “From a technology perspective, we’re also putting a lot of investment into the Dutch market. We have trained the language model and AI model specifically for the Dutch market and documents.”

This includes Dutch addresses, post codes, telephone numbers, email addresses, and names. “We’ve leveraged some of our early traction within the local market to refine and improve our technology, and we’re thrilled to be building great partner and customer relationships to enter the market – and create better outcomes for our customers, their employees, and their end customers.”

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