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Pallet Sorter for automated pallet sortation uses AI driven robots

by Pieter Werner

Universal Logic, developer of the Neocortex AI robot control software, announced a deal for their fully integrated Neocortex Pallet Sorter in several distribution centers of Associated Wholesale Grocers, Inc. (AWG).

Designed for hands-free sortation, it uses an industrial robot, controlled by the Neocortex software “brain”, to distinguish between various pallet types: blue, black, red, and white wood, then separates them into homogeneous stacks. A single operator activates the system through a simple interface then moves on to other tasks, eradicating manual sorting. Throughput exceeds manual sorting, providing high accuracy, while generating real-time data metric reporting. Additionally, floor space is significantly reduced. A pallet quality inspection module is available as an upgrade.

280 million cycles

Neocortex has been in use over a decade, with 280 million cycles in production, handing nearly every type of object that moves through supply chains – from manufactured components to consumer goods. Universal provides full stack solutions for a host of applications, with the engineering knowhow that comes from years of practical experience.

Supply chain

Richard Kearns, Executive Vice President, Distribution and Logistics of AWG, said, “The Neocortex Pallet Sorter is instrumental in improving our distribution supply chain efficiency. Previous pallet handling required human judgment to sort the pallets. That is no longer the case. Universal’s software has resulted in greater efficiency, transparent real-time data metrics, and reduced costs.”

David Peters, CEO of Universal, said, “Every seasoned engineer understands that achieving high reliability requires both best-in-class development and superb integration, borne from years of practical experience. Universal is ahead of the competition, in measure, due to our rich, nuanced insight that comes from tens of thousands of hours of effort delivering to satisfied customers.”

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