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Micropsi Industries Demonstrates AI Vision System, Launches International Lab with Fraunhofer IFF

by Pieter Werner

Micropsi Industries, specializing in AI vision systems, is participating in ATX West in Anaheim, showcasing their MIRAI system through demonstrations of reflective disk picking and hook hanging. These demonstrations, which involve a FANUC LR Mate industrial robot and a UR10e collaborative robot (cobot), aim to display the system’s capability to adapt to environmental variances and interact with challenging objects in real time.

The company has recently established an application laboratory in Magdeburg, Germany, in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation and Automation (IFF). This lab is designed to develop new solutions for complex automation challenges, leveraging the capabilities of the MIRAI vision system.

Gary Jackson, CEO of Micropsi Industries, stated that the MIRAI system can automate tasks without the need for extensive coding or in-depth knowledge of artificial intelligence. He expects that demonstrations at ATX West will showcase the system’s potential in automating tasks with significant variance issues.

The use case lab in Germany, while geographically distant, is accessible to U.S. companies. They can discuss their automation challenges with Micropsi Industries’ U.S. team to assess if the MIRAI system could provide a solution. The lab focuses on feasibility studies and innovative approaches to automation, specifically using the MIRAI system to enable robots to adapt dynamically to changes in their workspace and handle tasks previously considered too complex for automation.

The collaboration between Micropsi Industries and the Fraunhofer IFF aims to create new benchmarks in industrial robotics and inspire industry adoption of novel automation solutions. The partnership’s focus includes tailored automation challenges and the development of comprehensive instructions for replicating final robotic solutions.

Dr. José Saenz, group leader for Assistive, Service, and Industrial Robots at Fraunhofer IFF, commented on the collaboration’s potential to develop holistic, intelligent solutions for industrial production, emphasizing the combination of Micropsi Industries’ technology and Fraunhofer IFF’s expertise.

The first project completed by the partners involved a FANUC LR 10 robot performing a dual in-line memory module (DIMM)-insertion task, augmented by the MIRAI vision system. This task demonstrated the system’s ability to handle variance and reliably perform complex tasks, like inserting modules into slots on motherboards that vary in position.

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