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UK Robotics and AI company expands into the North American logistics market

by Marco van der Hoeven

AI and robotics company Dexory has announced plans to expand into the North American market. This move is aimed at addressing the evolving needs of the logistics and warehousing sector, where demands for quicker turnaround times and improved efficiency are growing. Dexory’s technology, which includes autonomous robots and the AI-powered DexoryView platform, is designed to enhance visibility and efficiency in warehouse operations.

The company’s expansion into North America is spearheaded by Todd Boone, who has been appointed as the Head of North American business. Boone brings experience from his previous role at Zebra Technologies and a background in product management in robotics and automation.

Dexory’s technology, which captures image and sensor data through autonomous robots, is integrated into the DexoryView platform. This system aims to provide comprehensive visibility and analytics for warehouses, enhancing operational efficiency. The technology has already been implemented in several European warehouses, with positive outcomes reported by customers.

ID Logistics, an international logistics company, has implemented Dexory’s solutions in its warehouses. Benoit Boiron, Group Innovation Manager at ID Logistics, highlighted the impact of this technology on inventory management and warehouse data acquisition, noting significant improvements in operational accuracy and efficiency.

Andrei Danescu, CEO and Co-Founder of Dexory, commented on the expansion, citing increased demand from the North American market. He emphasized the potential for DexoryView to assist businesses in managing modern supply chain demands and improving operational efficiencies.

Dexory’s technology addresses the ‘Visibility Gap’, a term used to describe the discrepancy between expected and actual warehouse operations. The company’s solutions aim to provide real-time insights and analytics to close this gap, thereby enhancing warehouse performance and reducing operational costs.

Todd Boone, the newly appointed Head of North America at Dexory, remarked on the challenges businesses face in gaining insight into their warehouse and supply chain operations. He expressed enthusiasm for leading Dexory’s North American expansion, highlighting the innovative and impactful nature of the company’s technology. Boone’s experience and leadership are expected to be instrumental in Dexory’s growth and success in the region.

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