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MiR Shows AI-Enabled Material Handling at Automate 2024

by Marco van der Hoeven

Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) will showcase their latest advancements in autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) at Automate 2024, held from May 6-9. The event will mark the first U.S. appearance of the MiR1200 Pallet Jack, an AI-enabled robot, and a preview of a generative AI-enhanced version of the MiR Insights analytics software.

The company will display a range of AMRs designed to enhance internal logistics in sectors like manufacturing and warehousing. Featured models include the MiR250, MiR600, and MiR1350. Additionally, a mobile collaborative robot (cobot) that combines a MiR250 AMR with a cobot from Universal Robots will be presented, highlighting its capability to perform various tasks across different workstations automatically and safely.

The MiR1200 Pallet Jack, which integrates NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin for advanced AI pallet detection and 3D vision, can accurately identify and handle pallets. Having debuted in Germany at LogiMat in March, this robot is compatible with existing MiR fleets and designed for complex workflows typical in large enterprises.

Jean-Pierre Hathout, president of MiR, emphasized the efficiency, flexibility, and rapid return on investment that their AMRs offer to the logistics and manufacturing sectors. He highlighted the collaborative and AI-driven features of their robots, which are set to be demonstrated at the Automate show.

Furthermore, MiR will introduce new AI functionalities to its MiR Insights analytics software, enabling users to interact with data more intuitively and engage in independent troubleshooting and optimization. This includes features for conversational interaction with data and enhanced decision-making support.

In addition to their technology displays, MiR, in collaboration with Teradyne and Universal Robots, will sponsor the Automate 2024 Empowerment Forum: Women Leading Change. This event, scheduled for May 8, aims to connect women in the automation industry, offering a platform for sharing experiences and developing leadership skills. Jane Heffner, MiR’s VP of Sales for the Americas, will introduce keynote speakers from prominent companies like ABB, 3M, and Analog Devices.

Founded in 2013 in Denmark, MiR has emerged as a leading developer of AMRs, boasting a global presence with extensive distribution and integration networks across various industries. After its acquisition by Teradyne in 2018, MiR has continued to expand its product offerings and global footprint, solidifying its position in the robotics market.

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