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Automate: Mujin Debuts User Interface for Robotic Palletizing

by Pieter Werner

Mujin unveiled its new user interface at Automate 2024, aimed at simplifying robotic palletizing through its MujinPack software. This tool allows users to auto-generate pallet patterns via a SKU-based library, streamlining the management of palletizing across multiple sites. Visitors can see how the updated MujinController enables real-time decision-making for autonomous and production-ready robotic systems.

The MujinController enhancements include applications for single-SKU palletizing and random bin picking. Attendees can test the bin-picking system to learn how these complex tasks can be automated seamlessly. According to Josh Cloer, Mujin’s director of sales, the ability to auto-generate pallet patterns and manage a SKU library across various production sites allows end users to efficiently oversee multiple systems in different locations.


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