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Siemens, Universal Robots and Zivid Partner on Logistics

by Marco van der Hoeven

Siemens, Universal Robots (UR), and Zivid announced their collaboration on a solution aimed at enhancing warehouse automation and addressing the ongoing challenges in intra-logistics fulfillment. This announcement comes as these companies have been showcasing their new solution at various trade shows and events.

This partnership is aimed to impact the logistics and e-commerce sectors. The new solution caters to modern fulfillment centers, which handle a large variety of stock-keeping units (SKUs). It is designed to reliably pick items of different shapes, sizes, and transparency levels.

The components of the solution include Siemens’ SIMATIC Robot Pick AI, which uses pre-trained, deep learning-based vision software to enable robots to perform complex tasks; Universal Robots’ UR20, known for its extended reach and compact design, suitable for applications involving the lifting of heavy objects; and Zivid’s 2+ M130 camera, a pioneering 3D sensor capable of imaging transparent and translucent items, thereby broadening the scope for e-commerce and fulfillment applications.

Ignacio Moreno, Business Development Manager at Siemens, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, highlighting the integration of advanced vision technology and industry-leading collaborative robotics in their new product, the SIMATIC Robot Pick AI. This technology promises to facilitate efficient picking in diverse environments.

Daniel Friedman, Global Director of Strategic Partnerships at Universal Robots, emphasized the growing demand for automation in fulfillment centers and e-commerce. He pointed out the ease of use and integration offered by this solution, reflecting on the collaboration with Siemens and Zivid as a step towards integrating robot platforms with AI technologies.

Amy Landau, Product Marketing Engineer at Zivid, stated that the collaboration harnesses the strengths of each company, offering a robust solution that meets the evolving needs of the logistics and e-commerce sectors. This joint effort is aimed at facilitating more accessible and reliable order picking.

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