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NVIDIA and Foxconn To Build Factories For ‘AI Industrial Revolution’

by Marco van der Hoeven

NVIDIA has announced a strategic partnership with Hon Hai Technology Group (Foxconn), aiming to expedite the evolution of industries worldwide through advanced AI and robotics systems. This collaboration, revealed during a discussion between NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang and Foxconn Chairman and CEO Young Liu in Taipei, pivots on the innovation of AI factories utilizing NVIDIA’s GPU computing infrastructure.

These AI factories, grounded in NVIDIA’s technology, are envisioned to revolutionize data processing by converting extensive data quantities into practical AI models and tokens. Core to this initiative is the NVIDIA accelerated computing platform, integrating their latest NVIDIA GH200 Grace Hopper Superchip and NVIDIA AI Enterprise software.

In detail, Foxconn plans to develop several smart solution platforms based on NVIDIA’s technology:

  1. Foxconn Smart EV, relying on the NVIDIA DRIVE Hyperion 9, aims to foster the next phase of autonomous automotive fleets, integrating NVIDIA DRIVE Thor systems-on-a-chip.
  2. Foxconn Smart Manufacturing intends to construct robotic systems on the NVIDIA Isaac autonomous mobile robot platform.
  3. Foxconn Smart City is set to include the NVIDIA Metropolis intelligent video analytics platform.

Both companies underscore the mutual benefits of this collaboration, with Liu stating, “NVIDIA and Foxconn are building these factories together. We will be helping the whole industry move much faster into the new AI era.” Huang also emphasized a shift in manufacturing towards the production of intelligence, citing Foxconn’s capacity to globalize AI factories.

In practical terms, Foxconn will collaborate closely with NVIDIA to create numerous systems founded on NVIDIA CPUs, GPUs, and networking solutions. These custom designs will be available to Foxconn’s global customer base, enabling the development and operation of individual AI factories.

Foxconn’s venture goes beyond providing solutions to customers; the company is also considering its own AI factory. This infrastructure, tapping into the NVIDIA Omniverse platform and various frameworks, is expected to meet stringent production and quality benchmarks in the electronics sector.

Additionally, the partnership plans to extend into the automotive industry. Foxconn, as a contract manufacturer, will supply global automakers with a variety of NVIDIA DRIVE solutions. This provision includes the upcoming NVIDIA DRIVE Hyperion 9 platform, aiming to usher in a new period of functionally safe, AI-imbued, and software-defined vehicles.

Through these extensive, multifaceted collaborations, NVIDIA and Foxconn are setting the stage for significant advancements in AI applications across various global industries.

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