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Pudu Robotics Secures Millions of Dollars in Financing

by Pieter Werner

Pudu Robotics provider of commercial service robots, has secured hundreds of millions of yuan in its C4 financing round, marking the second time the Company has raised funds in 2023, following its previous US$15 million C3 round announced in February. The latest financing round seems to reflect that the capital market is regaining confidence in the service robotics industry as a whole.

Pudu Robotics has established a strong presence in the global market. As of December 2022, Pudu Robotics has shipped over 56,000 units globally, and has expanded its presence across North America, Europe, East Asia, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and Latin America, with its robots being used in over 60 countries and more than 600 cities worldwide. A 2022 CIC Research study showed that Pudu Robotics has become the manufacturer with the highest cumulative shipments of commercial service robots globally.

Notably, in February, Pudu Robotics announced an order of 3,000 units of its robotic products from Skylark Group, a Japanese catering and dining company. The Company’s delivery robot “BellaBot” particularly gained popularity worldwide, and it has snapped up over 80% in overseas catering market share.

As Pudu Robotics continues to expand its overseas market, it achieved a nearly 40% year-on-year increase in operating cash income in 2022, with annual shipments exceeding 20,000 units. Pudu Robotics has rolled out a slew of robot products for catering delivery use, and these robots have been put to wide use in restaurants, cafes, hospitals, hotels and office buildings.

Meanwhile, Pudu Robotics’ global product line has extended to cleaning robots and disinfection robots, among others. Also, in mid-April, Pudu Robotics announced a strategic partnership with KONE, a world-leading elevator company, to develop and build smart building services.

On the hardware front, Pudu Robotics has developed high-performance core components such as laser radar, active cameras, motors and motion controllers.


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