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Robotics and AI new focus for British region, after decommissioning of Nuclear Facility

by Marco van der Hoeven

Gary McKeating has recently been appointed as the Managing Director of the Industrial Solutions Hub (iSH) in West Cumbria, where he has detailed plans focusing on robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), and advanced engineering to utilize local talents and resources. McKeating, who has extensive experience with various organizations including Sellafield and AREVA UK, aims to capitalize on the region’s strong problem-solving culture.

At iSH, McKeating’s strategy involves broadening the local economy and reinforcing West Cumbria’s capacity as a center for technological and engineering innovation. Key to these efforts is the revitalization of the Leconfield Enterprise Campus and the integration of cutting-edge technologies in the local industries. McKeating stated, “Our goal is to lead with the expertise already present in the area, such as RAICo and the Sellafield Engineering Centre of Excellence.”

The development strategy for Leconfield emphasizes timely and visible progress to reassure both the community and investors. McKeating believes in leveraging existing regional strengths and building collaborative networks among local businesses, academic institutions, and industry leaders to establish a recognized robotics cluster.

This initiative also focuses on fostering educational and professional opportunities for local youth, aligning with the broader goal of sustainable economic growth. iSH aims to facilitate collaboration that fosters innovation and effectively utilizes the strong support from various stakeholders, including the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, Sellafield Ltd, and Cumberland Council. With these initiatives, iSH intends to transform West Cumbria into a hub of technological excellence and economic vitality, driven by a collaborative approach and strategic investments in key sectors.

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