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RobotLAB partners with LionsBot

by Pieter Werner

RobotLAB, specializing in robotics integration for various industries, announced a partnership with LionsBot International, vendor of cleaning robots. Aim is to sell LionsBot’s robots in the hospitality industry. RobotLAB will serve as LionsBot’s preferred dealer in the United States. This agreement involves incorporating LionsBot’s R3 and R12 product lines into RobotLAB’s existing portfolio of over 800 robots used in cleaning, delivery, education, and hospitality.

LionsBot’s robots are operational in several international locations, including Changi Airport in Singapore and The Shard in London. The partnership with RobotLAB is part of LionsBot’s strategy to make their autonomous cleaning solutions more available to the hospitality sector.

Since its inception in 2007, RobotLAB has been involved in the deployment of over 10,000 robots across multiple industries, including foodservice, hospitality, and education. The company handles various aspects of robotics integration, including sales, custom programming, and onsite integration, with a focus on providing solutions that improve business performance.

Elad Inbar, the CEO and Founder of RobotLAB, remarked on the collaboration, noting LionsBot’s achievements in robotic cleaning technology. LionsBot, co-founded by Dylan Ng Terntzer, Michelle Seow, and Dr. Mohan Rajesh Elara, focuses on automated cleaning solutions designed for various business sizes and types. Their R3 series caters to indoor areas with high foot traffic, offering autonomous cleaning and self-docking features, while their R12 series is intended for larger spaces like distribution centers, equipped with significant scrubbing capacity.

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