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Robots work together in DHL’s Asia Pacific Innovation Center

by Pieter Werner

DHL and AMR provider Geek+ are working together on integrated robotics solutions for full-scale automation DHL’s Asia Pacific Innovation Center in Singapore. They will use the RoboShuttle RS2 single tote-picking robot and collaborative robot arm technology. The project is a collaboration between Geek+ and AI developer OSARO. The collaborative robot arm, Motoman HC10DT, is provided by the robot manufacturer Yaskawa.

At the DHL Asia Pacific Innovation Center, customers of DHL will be able to see the latest innovations and solutions in logistics. The “Warehouse of the Future” exhibit shows how a Geek+ RoboShuttle, a tote-picking robot built on AMR technology, integrates with the Yaskawa cobot arm controlled by OSARO’s vision system to provide fully automated logistics processes.

Order fulfillment

The solution can support both outbound and inbound logistics operations. For order fulfillment, the RoboShuttle autonomously moves to the shelf of the tote containing the ordered item, picks the tote, and carries it to a picking station using its fork arms. Once at the picking station, OSARO’s cobot arm picks items from the tote, packs the order, and prepares it for outbound delivery. The operational performance is displayed on dashboards throughout the entire procedure.

RoboShuttle can find and transfer the bins of the ordered items autonomously, reducing manual walking time by 75%. The cobot arm is equipped with OSARO’s exceptional vision system. It allows the cobot to recognize jumbled items regardless of material of alignment.

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