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Sapporo Medical University Hospital in Japan starts robotic surgery program

by Pieter Werner

Asensus Surgical announced Sapporo Medical University Hospital, located in Hokkaido, Japan, has entered into an agreement to lease and utilize a Senhance Surgical System.

Asensus Surgical’s technology platform, Senhance Surgical System, is a digital laparoscopic platform that leverages augmented intelligence to provide unmatched performance and patient outcomes through machine learning. Senhance provides surgical assurance through haptic feedback, eye-tracking camera control, and 3D visualization, and offers 3 mm instruments (the smallest instrument available in the world on a robotic surgical platform).

The Senhance Surgical System is powered by the Intelligent Surgical Unit (ISU). This enables machine vision-driven control of the camera for a surgeon by responding to commands and recognizing certain objects and locations in the surgical field, and allows a surgeon to change the visualized field of view using the movement of their instruments.

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“The Department of Surgery, Surgical Oncology and Science at Sapporo Medical University Hospital is an outstanding institution which is well known for utilizing the most advanced surgical technologies, and we are very excited to partner with them to expand their existing surgical robotics program,” said Anthony Fernando, Asensus Surgical President and CEO. “Japan remains a focus market for Senhance. With a dedicated training center and a growing number of active systems at prestigious institutions, we expect to further accelerate adoption in the region in the future.’’

“We are highly focused on integrating state-of-the-art medical technologies into our hospital to provide our patients with the best possible outcomes,” said Professor Dr. Ichiro Takemasa, Chairman of Surgical Oncology and Science. “We have run a successful robotics program at Sapporo for a number of years, and believe the Senhance is a great addition to that program which will expand the scope of procedures in which we can utilize robotics with and brings incremental surgical intelligence that we don’t have access to with our other systems.’’

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