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Seegrid shows autonomous mobile robots at ProMatDX 2021

by Pieter Werner

Seegrid,  provider of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) for material handling, participated in industry trade show ProMatDX 2021 last week. During the virtual event, Seegrid showcased their holistic AMR solutions that address enterprise-wide needs to meet consumer demand while improving safety, reducing costs, and driving continuous improvement.

Seegrid’s VP of Product Jeff Christensen hosted an educational seminar at the event, presenting strategies to help companies increase user adoption of AMR solutions and achieve corporate initiatives. Christensen detailed how to define success with automation solutions and ultimately drive business value.

“The demands on fulfillment operations have been building while the available labor pool has been decreasing, culminating in tremendous pressure on organizations to do more with less,” said Jeff Christensen, Seegrid’s VP of Product. “A successful AMR installation brings cost efficiency gains and harnesses data to ensure your AMR fleet provides a return on investment for years to come.”


Throughout the virtual show, Seegrid provided demonstrations of the company’s latest mobile automation solutions, including the company’s rebranded Palion AMR fleet and highly anticipated Palion Lift AMR, a recently announced lift truck that introduces new workflow capabilities by transporting payloads from one area to another and placing materials at heights of up to six feet.

In addition to the Palion Lift AMR, Seegrid’s rebranded robot family includes the new Palion Pallet Truck with enhanced pallet staging and auto-charging capabilities and the Palion Tow Tractor which transforms horizontal material movement. Palion AMRs are equipped with Seegrid’s proprietary navigation technology, using cameras, sophisticated algorithms, and machine learning to safely and reliably navigate in dynamic environments alongside human coworkers.


Seegrid’s new cloud-based analytics solution, Fleet Geek, was also showcased. Part of Seegrid’s Fleet Central enterprise software platform, Fleet Geek provides a holistic, data-driven view of material flow, giving customers comprehensive, actionable insights into their AMR fleet performance across an entire network of facilities to help drive continuous improvement.

Seegrid has seen sustained growth and rapid adoption of its solutions this year, driven by demand from some of the largest global brands in manufacturing, warehousing, logistics and e-commerce to address rising supply chain pressures and build predictability into their material handling operations. Seegrid’s technology is both proven and perfected, as demonstrated by their robotic track record of millions of autonomous miles driven in live production environments without a single safety incident.

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