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Simplifai Launches Generative AI Tool for Insurance

by Pieter Werner

Simplifai, provider of AI automation solutions, has announced the release of Simplifai InsuranceGPT, a generative AI tool specifically built for the insurance industry. This custom-built generative AI tool automates claims management while prioritizing data security and privacy.

Simplifai InsuranceGPT claims to be the first large language model (LLM) trained exclusively on insurance-related data. The tool leverages the power of generative AI to facilitate enhanced communication between insurers and their customers, ensuring fast, accurate, and concise responses in a secure manner.

The insurance sector has seen increasing interest in AI software, with the global market predicted to surpass $135 billion by 2025, accounting for a quarter of the overall AI software market. However, the industry has approached the adoption of AI and LLMs with caution due to concerns over data security and accuracy in claims handling processes.


Simplifai’s InsuranceGPT addresses these concerns by offering a private, cloud-based Software-as-a-Service LLM. This approach provides insurers with a secure solution that adheres to strict data control and regulatory requirements, including compliance with GDPR.

One of the key advantages of Simplifai InsuranceGPT is its ability to seamlessly integrate with existing insurance ecosystems. The platform is designed to plug into third-party services such as Salesforce and Hubspot, as well as industry-specific claims management platforms. This integration simplifies the implementation and management processes by extracting information from the disparate systems commonly used by insurance companies.


Furthermore, Simplifai’s no-code model enables businesses to integrate with the platform, eliminating the need for technical expertise. This streamlined approach increases efficiency and accelerates the adoption of the AI tool within insurance operations, saving valuable time and resources.

In addition to the launch of Simplifai InsuranceGPT, the company has established the Simplifai Reference Programme for advanced AI. This initiative involves collaboration with industry leaders such as Van Ameyde, CCN, and Eika, who form a customer reference board. Through this partnership, Simplifai ensures that its product development aligns closely with the specific and regulated requirements of insurers, fostering continuous improvement and innovation.


The introduction of Simplifai InsuranceGPT represents a significant step toward harnessing AI technology’s transformative potential within the insurance industry. By providing a tailored and secure solution, Simplifai empowers insurers to enhance their services and streamline claims management processes. As the industry continues to explore the benefits of AI, Simplifai’s innovative approach positions them as a leader in delivering AI solutions customized for insurers’ needs.

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