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2020 in interviews

by Marco van der Hoeven

Ultimately, it’s about people, not technology. It has become clear again in 2020 that technology and innovation are not an end goal, but tools that are used to achieve a business or social goal. That is one of the recurring themes in the conversations we have had for Rocking Robots this year.

Pascal Bornet : “Companies which are not digitalized and automated enough can’t survive in our new world”


Forrester: ‘Identify process experts in your organisation. Then listen to them!’


IDC: ‘Every organisation should develop an automation strategy in 2021’

“The robotic arm has become part of me”

Global pharma giant Takeda to reveal how it’s using automation at next week’s Reboot Work Festival


RR Exclusive: Corona Management at IBM Watson Center Munich


Interview: Das leistet Künstliche Intelligenz im Contact-Center

‘Automation and robotisation on the executive agenda’

RR Exclusive with Gavin Mee: ‘RPA has come of age in the pandemic’

‘Un robot pour chaque personne’



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