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Compact Automation Systems for High-Precision Manufacturing

by Pieter Werner

Austrian machinery manufacturer STIWA has developed a new series of compact automation systems, the LTM-CI, optimized for the assembly of small components. These systems are designed to handle products with dimensions of just a few centimeters or millimeters, which is critical for industries requiring high-precision and miniaturized components.

The LTM-CI series features modular systems that employ linear and rotary micro-motors from FAULHABER to perform essential tasks, which include positioning and assembling tiny parts such as those used in ABS braking systems. These components are typically around eight millimeters in length and require rapid production cycles to meet high annual demand. The system operates with cycle times of half a second, performing fully automated and high-speed processes.

In addition to serving the automotive industry, STIWA’s machines are also utilized in other sectors requiring the production of miniature parts. Roland Schiermayr, the Departmental Head of Automation Research and Development at STIWA, noted that the compactness of the LTM-CI system is particularly advantageous for production facilities located in constrained spaces, such as narrow Alpine valleys.

Christian Mersnik, involved in the development of the LTM-CI series from its inception, highlighted that the system can integrate up to 22 function modules depending on the customer’s needs. These include various manufacturing processes like laser welding, screw placement, and labeling. The machines are designed to ensure smooth, vibration-free operations, enhancing productivity and process stability.

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