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IPR and FAULHABER Launch Advanced Tool Changers

by Pieter Werner

IPR – Intelligent Peripherals for Robots has introduced the TKX series tool changers, incorporating motors from FAULHABER. This development enables robots to perform an expanded scope of tasks, ranging from basic functions to more complex operations.

Historically, pneumatic systems were the standard in robotic power transmission. However, the TKX series signifies a shift towards electric drives. This change brings several advantages. Electric motors, like those provided by FAULHABER, offer greater flexibility in operation. They are also more suitable for environments where cleanliness is crucial, such as in the pharmaceutical or food industries. Moreover, electric drives are more adaptable for use in decentralized settings, expanding the potential applications of robotic systems.

FAULHABER’s brushless motors are particularly notable in this context. Known for their compact size and significant power, these motors are essential for the TKX series’ performance. Their small footprint allows for the creation of more compact and efficient tool changers. Meanwhile, their power ensures that these changers can handle a variety of tools and tasks, making them versatile for various industrial applications.

The impact of this technological shift extends beyond the immediate enhancements in robot functionality. It represents a broader trend in the industry towards more versatile, efficient, and adaptable robotic systems. As industries increasingly seek automation solutions that can handle varied and complex tasks, tools like the TKX series are likely to become more prevalent.

Moreover, the move from pneumatic to electric systems in robotic applications reflects a growing focus on sustainability and energy efficiency. Electric drives typically offer better energy efficiency compared to pneumatic systems, which can lead to lower operational costs and a reduced environmental footprint.

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