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KNAPP shows warehouse automation at IntraLogisteX

by Pieter Werner

Knapp, specializing in automation technology for distribution and production value chains, is set to present its range of advanced software solutions at this year’s IntraLogisteX event. The company collaborates with UK brands such as Boots, Next, John Lewis, Marks & Spencer, and The Very Group, providing customized technology solutions for their business activities.

Among the technologies to be featured at IntraLogisteX is the MultiScan, a master data capture solution from Knapp. Designed to be intuitive and customizable, MultiScan is available for both rental and purchase. It focuses on optimizing storage space, automating material flows, and maximizing efficiency through the digitalization of work processes. The system records data pertaining to an item’s dimensions, weight, fragility, and stackability, facilitating safe and practical storage. By maximizing space utilization and optimizing packing operations, MultiScan aims to offer environmental benefits and reduce transport costs for warehouse operators.

Another software solution from Knapp is redPILOT, an Operational Excellence Solution. Addressing the challenges of manual labor shortages, particularly in the warehouse, logistics, and manufacturing sectors, redPILOT employs AI and machine learning to optimize personnel, space, energy, and materials. The software includes features like the ‘teamAPP’ smartphone app for labor management, allowing employees to enter their availability and employers to manage shift patterns effectively. redPILOT, a cloud-based service, assists managers in making data-driven decisions and aims to boost employee engagement and workplace performance.

Additionally, Knapp will present AutoPocket, a solution designed for single-item fulfillment. Developed by DFT, a company within the Knapp Group, AutoPocket is a part of the latest generation of DFT’s pocket sorter automation. The system is engineered to deposit products precisely and automatically, even at full operational speeds, with a focus on enhancing production efficiency and profitability.

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