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Mentha to invest in Ciphix

Ambitious plans in the field of hyperautomation and digital employees

by Marco van der Hoeven

Rotterdam-based  Ciphix will collaborate with Mentha, an investor that will support Ciphix’s growth plans to expand the company into a European hyperautomation specialist. “We want to play a role in solving labor market challenges such as the shortage of qualified personnel and high staff turnover.”

For several years, Ciphix’s mission has been to “take the robot out of the human.” In five years, the company has grown to become an enterprise with sixty employees and more than forty active customers. The focus has increasingly shifted towards hyperautomation, which means that Ciphix implements other technologies besides RPA and AI, such as process mining, process optimization, low-code, and iPaas. It also offers consultancy services. Ciphix provides this implementation through a digital workforce journey, a framework in three steps towards a mature department with digital employees.


“It feels like the right time for us to further shape our hyperautomation ambition with an experienced partner. That’s how we came to Mentha. Mentha likes to work with entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial management teams to realize ambitious growth plans. Mentha seeks an active partnership with these companies based on entrepreneurship, growth acceleration, and transformation, strengthened by a focus on the human factor and sustainability,” says Chief Strategy Officer Marijn van de Poel. He and Chief Executive Officer Koen Mallee will continue as management. Mallee adds, “It feels like we’ve only just begun the journey, and we’re incredibly proud of our team, customers, and partners with whom we collaborate. We look forward to taking next steps together.”

Labor market shortages

Ciphix and Mentha have the ambition to grow the company into “a leading European hyperautomation specialist” in the coming years. Van de Poel says, “With this, Ciphix aims to play a role in solving labor market challenges such as the shortage of qualified personnel and high staff turnover due to too little challenge and satisfaction in the work. The broad applicability of robots to labor processes, combined with continuous innovation from software vendors, strengthens Ciphix’s conviction to take substantial steps towards this ambition.”

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