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Mujin launches robotic case handler

by Pieter Werner

Robotics provider Mujin has debuted its latest product, QuickBot, a robot cell for case handling. The first application to become available is a depalletizing solution for automating the receiving process in warehouses.

QuickBot was presented in Boston, at the 2022 AMR & Logistics Show, co-located with The Vision Show. After forklifting QuickBot into place at their show booth, Mujin claims that it took less than three hours to have the unit clearing pallets. QuickBot is powered by an intelligent robot controller, the MujinController. Utilizing MujinController’s advanced perception and real-time motion planning, Mujin’s depalletizing solutions are capable of on-the-fly case recognition.

This feature allows QuickBot to manage real-world scenarios for both single and mixed-SKU pallet loads without prior ‘teaching’ or information from external systems. Additionally, Mujin has equipped the QuickBot arm with a universal, heavy payload gripper to meet the physical requirements of general warehouse tasks.

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