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MvR Digital acquires Pleunz Digital Workforce Solutions

by Pieter Werner

MvR Digital Workforce and Pleunz Digital Workforce Solutions announced today they decided to join forces. This leads to a new full-scale RPA provider for government, healthcare and business which is eager to offer a broader range of RPA-solutions and ready to use digital employees. “As of today we are even better prepared for a future with AI”

RPA service providers MvR Digital Workforce and Pleunz Digital Workforce Solutions take a leap into the future. They will continue their services going by the name of MvR Digital Workforce. Thus creating an organization with a serious market position in RPA services for government, healthcare, and SME+ organizations and with an international future-proof portfolio.

The new company will benefit from an increased scale of expertise, services, strength and innovative capacity. As an employer of over 30 certified developers and consultants, the new organization has a team ready to take on large and complex national and international RPA projects in terms of knowledge, experience and expertise. And MvR Digital Workforce expects to be better prepared for a future in which AI will make our RPA-solutions smarter.

“The Pleunz platform offers standard ‘as-a-service’ solutions from an ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certified platform, in addition to – and in combination with – our current services. Solutions which require less customization and are to be implemented in a faster and easier fashion. Moreover, Pleunz’s current services and customers are perfectly in line with our international ambitions and a stepping stone to implementing AI in our services.” Gerke Visser, CEO MvR Digital Workforce

Both organizations possess a high level of expertise, customer-friendly working methods and a personal approach. Working from the office in Maarssen, integration is expected to be completed before end of 2021. In the next months MvR Digital Workforce will inform its business relations about the new opportunities and new offerings.

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