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Skechers Launches Robotized Warehouse

by Pieter Werner

Skechers USA, a global footwear and apparel company, has launched a new distribution center in Minato City, Tokyo, Japan, incorporating Hai Robotics’ Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS). This initiative is aimed at improving the efficiency, speed, and accuracy of Skechers’ warehouse operations.

The establishment of this facility, in collaboration with material handling consulting firm MHE Solutions, Inc., is a response to increasing demand in the Japanese market and the need for more efficient operational processes. Skechers, previously reliant on manual labor for fulfilling orders, faced challenges such as staff shortages and a growing variety of stock keeping units (SKUs), which led to elevated operational costs and limited efficiency in outbound picking.

To address these issues, Skechers chose Hai Robotics’ HaiPick System, recognized for its ability to condense storage space, adapt to changing demand, and scale with business growth. The system’s integration with other technologies in the facility enables Skechers to process customer orders more quickly. Additionally, it has improved employee productivity and reduced physical demands on staff, helping to mitigate the impact of labor shortages.

The Skechers facility, covering 139,705 square feet, operates with 69 HaiPick Autonomous Case-handling Mobile Robots (ACRs). These robots are designed to autonomously navigate narrow aisles and reach up to 32 feet, transporting multiple containers for efficient order batching. The system is integrated with Manhattan Associates’ cloud-native warehouse management system, enhancing its overall efficiency.

Operators in the Skechers facility use eight ergonomic workstations where they receive detailed instructions for order fulfillment. The system requires product scanning and confirmation for order accuracy before moving to the next order.

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