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Accenture and UiPath expand business collaboration

by Pieter Werner

Accenture and UiPath announced an expanded business collaboration to boost the adoption of enterprise-wide automation. Initially announced at the UiPath FORWARD IV conference in October, Accenture and UiPath are growing their longstanding alliance to combine the automation solutions from UiPath with Accenture’s services and industry expertise.

Accenture and UiPath have already been serving clients around the world, including at Uber and the University of Chicago Medical Center. Chad Aronson, global head of Intelligent Automation at Uber, said: “At Uber, it’s about how we can apply technology and innovation to serve our customers. Partnering with UiPath and Accenture enabled us to take advantage of market-leading automation technology from UiPath and the digital and industry expertise of Accenture. This powerful combination has helped Uber achieve unparalleled results in its digital transformation journey to enhance internal operations productivity, quality, performance and user experience.”

Patient experiences

At the University of Chicago Medical Center, the Accenture team has used the UiPath Intelligent Automation platform to improve employee and patient experiences in this time of a global pandemic. In just six months, UChicago Medicine successfully transitioned from a pilot program to a fully operational Bot Center of Excellence that will run, manage and update robotic process automation initiatives.

Shariq Ata, executive director for Data Analytics, Architecture, Integration and Innovation at the University of Chicago Medical Center, said: “Working with Accenture, we have brought automation technology across our supply chain, pharmacy and revenue cycle departments, resulting in cost savings and improvements in both employee and patient experiences. The team is currently exploring and delivering further automation in epic test automation, IT operational optimization and contact center operations. Accenture brings the right mix of technical and healthcare expertise to quickly identify, assess and implement UiPath automation solutions.


Paul Daugherty, group chief executive – Technology and chief technology officer at Accenture, added: “Increased collaboration with UiPath will help our clients realize more benefits from automation and achieve even greater value from the compressed transformations they are making. When we automate the ordinary, we can unleash the extraordinary. Our expanded work with UiPath marks an important step forward in advancing the business and human potential of automation, combining UiPath’s powerful automation platform with Accenture’s expertise in driving transformational outcomes for its clients.”

Daniel Dines, UiPath co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, said: “Accenture and UiPath together bring unique capabilities that are unsurpassed, and we believe this will be transformative for clients in every industry. These days, speed goes hand in hand with success. Enterprises can’t afford to wait and hire someone tomorrow to build the solution they need today. Together, UiPath and Accenture can help enterprises realize the full potential of automation at scale as it reaches maturity.”

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