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Dentsu migrates to UiPath Automation Cloud

by Pieter Werner

Dentsu, one of the world’s largest advertising agency networks, will migrate to the UiPath Automation Cloud to deliver automation and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities at scale across its enterprise. This move is in line with Dentsu’s automation and AI strategic vision to elevate its employees’ potential by integrating automation and AI into internal processes as well as client-facing services.

UiPath Automation Cloud enables dentsu’s employees to turn innovative ideas rapidly and effectively into impactful solutions throughout service lines and enterprise functions in all markets and regions by providing a common, well-governed automation and AI infrastructure at scale. It also makes advanced automation features accessible to people across the development skill spectrum, from citizen developers to AI engineers.

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“The migration to UiPath Automation Cloud enables us to collaborate as an extended global team in the same workspace so that we can share ideas and solutions seamlessly, all within a shared framework, with global oversight,” said Brian Klochkoff, Head of Automation, dentsu Americas. “Now we can crowdsource ideas and develop solutions against those ideas so that we don’t miss opportunities to bring the benefits of automation from one regional business unit to another. This initiative is core to our mission of leading with automation and AI especially within the advertising and media domains.”

In addition to providing a well-defined, democratized network for innovators and developers, the migration means dentsu can build and integrate advanced AI and machine learning services into the solutions already migrated from legacy on-premises orchestrators. Existing solutions and new services released to the UiPath Automation Cloud can be continuously improved in an effective, cost-efficient manner.


“We are helping our clients navigate, progress, and thrive in a world of change. Automation is a critical element in how we support our people and our clients by enabling human-centric solutions that have powerful returns for both business and society. The UiPath Automation Cloud platform and its advanced evolving features will ensure that we continue to exceed expectations and commitments to our people, as well as our clients,” said Shiva Vannavada, Chief Technology Officer for dentsu Americas.

Given dentsu’s understanding of enterprise client challenges and business needs, this partnership aids UiPath in solving for the enterprise challenges of tomorrow. As early adopters of RPA, dentsu has been at the forefront of the industry and continues to trailblaze the practical application of advanced technologies.


“The benefits of UiPath Automation Cloud are many, from starting instantly to securely scaling according to business needs and market conditions to reducing burden on IT to support an automation infrastructure. Innovators like dentsu are demonstrating that the biggest benefit is competitive differentiation, by creating new solutions based on automation and AI that redefine agility in the market,” said Param Kahlon, Chief Product Officer at UiPath. “Businesses can quickly deliver an increasing array of UiPath services from within the Automation Cloud to innovate faster.”

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