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Teleperformance announces winners of Botathon

by Pieter Werner

Teleperformance announced the winners of the Teleperformance Botathon, part of the company’s All Ideas Matter initiative to spark innovation, collaboration and digital transformation. The tournament, which launched in March in partnership with Automation Anywhere and UiPath, challenged Teleperformance employees to submit their best “automation framework” ideas to improve business workplace and culture, and help advance the digital workforce.

The goal of the campaign was to reinforce the knowledge from the various business areas surrounding key automation concepts, enable skilled and talented members within Teleperformance, give employees an opportunity to learn, and to help shape the future of work throughout the process.

“The future of automation is happening now. Digital transformation is the need of the hour for all our clients, whether they are the disruptors, or the ones getting disrupted. Embracing key technologies, like Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning can only help drive up human productivity, boost employee morale and elevate customer service,” said Sidharth Mukherjee, Global Head of Transformation & Knowledge Services. “This was never more true than in 2020. The Teleperformance Botathon was inspired from the need to democratize digital and equip every employee with the skills needed for the Future of Work.”

This year’s winners from 11 top finalists are:

  • First Place: Nestor Gaspar (IberoLatam) – “Verification and Updates RPA”
  • Second Place: Alba Lungari and Fatos Brahimi (CEMEA) – “Work Scheduling Enhancements”
  • Third Place: Veronica Marconetti (CEMEA) – “Password Processing Efficiencies”

“The Teleperformance Botathon was a new and amazing experience. The best thing was seeing the commitment and support of so many people. This award is for all of us!” observed Alba Lungari, one of the finalists of the 2021 contest.

The Process

In its first year, Teleperformance Botathon, included teams from 15 countries and nearly 1,400 participants.

In a three-stage process, the teams formed across different regions throughout the world submitted ideas for approval and selection from a panel of senior executive judges. Then the participants who were selected took a framework training course. From there, those selected joined a “robot factory” to create their own bots to see their ideas and solutions come to life. The winning solutions developed in the tournament were judged to be best to help boost agility, drive productivity, and improve the responsiveness to Teleperformance clients and their customers.

“We have a passion for combining the best minds with the best technologies to inspire new ideas, and the Teleperformance Botathon is a great way to see our creativity in action” said Daniel Julien, Chairman and CEO, Teleperformance. “We are very proud of our employees for coming together to bring their creative talent and passion to help shape the future by improving workplace processes and the overall customer experience.”

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