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All about The future of work at Together 2022

by Marco van der Hoeven

On June 14, UiPath Together 2022 will take place in Amsterdam. On this day, a wide range of topics regarding The Future of Work will be discussed, including case studies. Renzo Taal, SVP EMEA at UiPath, will present a keynote on The Great Reawakening: People, Technology and the Future of Work.  

COVID-19 led to the greatest workforce reallocation since World War II, with industries freezing overnight while others experienced dramatic spikes in demand. Millions of people transitioned to remote work at speeds we didn’t imagine possible. As the economy restarts, one thing is certain: we are heading into a new future of work. This is our opportunity to create a new way of working – more skilled and more diverse.

Peter Vlam, Manager PM&I at NN, will provide a keynote about their automation journey. Some time ago, Rocking Robots spoke to him about NN’s vision on the deployment of digital employees, of which several hundred were already active at that time.

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