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Ciphix Hyperautomation Event with Trends, Networking, and Industry Insights

by Marco van der Hoeven

In line with the growing importance of hyperautomation in today’s business landscape, an event focusing on this transformative concept has been announced. According to Gartner, hyperautomation has shifted from being an option to becoming a condition of survival for organizations. With this in mind, the event by Ciphix aims to provide a platform for inspiring sessions, networking opportunities, and valuable insights from industry experts.

The event will kick off with a keynote address by Marijn van de Poel from Ciphix, who will demystify the concept of hyperautomation and explain why it is simpler than it may appear. Following this, guest speaker Job van den Berg will delve into the rapid advancements in digitalization, data, and AI and their connection to hyperautomation. The focus will be on understanding the disruptive potential of generative AI and its implications for the future, as well as its relationship to hyperautomation.

Inspire & Discover

The initial phase of the hyperautomation journey, known as the Inspire & Discover phase, will be explored in breakout sessions. Participants will learn how to identify opportunities beyond rule-based automation, such as in different departments and business processes. By thinking bigger and leveraging technology, organizations can unlock new possibilities and transform their operations.

A critical stage often overlooked in automation projects is the analysis and optimization of current processes. The event will emphasize the importance of this phase and present process mining as a proven approach. Process mining serves as a compass for navigating complex organizational landscapes, illuminating streamlined workflows and empowering decision-making for sustainable success.


Participants will be encouraged to think beyond traditional rule-based automations like robotic process automation (RPA) and embrace hyperautomation, where multiple technologies converge to revolutionize business processes on a larger scale. Real-life client examples will be shared to illustrate the transformative power of hyperautomation.

The event will also address the challenge of quantifying the value of a hyperautomation project, particularly when the concept itself can be somewhat elusive. A session dedicated to this topic will explore different methods, including dashboarding, to help stakeholders understand and communicate the value of hyperautomation projects. It will also highlight existing tools within organizations that can facilitate this process.

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